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2 definitions by julius williams

the youngest in the main house of the ishiro clan.pocesses
the blue/water noroigan and's just a genin taking a challenge to proceed to chunin.
my name's Hiroshi Ishiro.
Hiroshi Ishiro vs Hikaru Ishiro.
by julius williams April 13, 2010
(lit. cusing eye.)noroigan is actually a kekegenkai of the village hidden in the clouds in the land of lightning.This eye belongs to an anciet clan known as the ishiro clan.This eye poccesses the ability to see into the future a small amount of time at least 10-20 seconds.This eye is also similar to the byakugan it can see the flow of chakara but only as good as the sharingan and what makes it similar is its field of vision it can only see 345 degrees around the user.Leaving a 15 degree blind spot from the top of the head and back.This eye comes in different types not forms it different types is more of a different color that represents fire,water,and lightning.which gives them the colors of red,blue,and yellow.
The noroigan sees everything even your death.
My noroigan can't be decieved.
Do you really think you can escape my eyes.
by julius williams April 12, 2010