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21 definitions by julio

Moronic front man of Limp Bizkit who recently pushed away their only talent. See Dillhole.
Man!@ Limp Bizkit is so Fred Durst!~@
by julio January 16, 2003
28 35
A person born in Mexico City. A person that was born is a Chileno you idiot not a Chilango.
Cuauhtemoc Blanco es un Chilango
by julio March 15, 2005
146 155
Tasty treat made out of processed chickens clumped and breaded and then fried. A staple of many fast food restraunts.
MMMMMMmmmmm, this cock nugget is delicious.
by julio January 18, 2003
19 31
Yeah, im sure you know how it got dirty. Don't play no games.
by julio January 18, 2003
7 29
eating a girl out. going down on a girl. to insert the toungue into the vaginal area for purposes of pleasure.
i was eating a ribwich, whe was so warm and tender, just like the a real ribwich.
by julio March 12, 2004
7 31
An awesome song off Rancid's first album.
Hyena is one of the best Rancid songs ever
by Julio May 07, 2005
12 44
A reason for heterosexual males to rub up against each other in tights or underwear and not look gay. (or so they think)
by julio January 17, 2003
136 331