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inhabitable premises with a view (especially of the sky in the early morning), usually in trendy downtown locales where frequent kissing, hair pulling, hand feeding, and viewing james bond flicks occur.
3rd floor of an architectural structure @ the corner of gay & S. Hill
by juliewksm February 05, 2005
comfortable wear that appeals to each individuals state of mind
2 specific pairs of sloppy sweatpants and 2 navy seaside sweatshirts (one well worn) along with 2 cozy pairs of slippers all located in one dtl. No variations possible. Only to be worn for short periods of time in between hp.
by juliewksm February 01, 2005
sexy dta that....refer to definition #1
you. jlb jltpyh. examples in person only
by juliewksm February 05, 2005
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