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A store that people somehow become addicted too due to their trendy clothes and their beachy scent. This store sells less then A&f and has better clothes.
jessica- lets go to hco today!!
Lexi- yay i cant wait
jessica- be sure to bring 100 dollars
lexi- duh
jessica- shit i only got 4 things for a 100 bucks
lexi-i want more!!!!
jessica-ya i know the store smells awesome!!
by julierose August 03, 2006
A cheap knockoff of abercromie and fitch in which the store puts deers on their clothing to make it look more preppy and to copy the moose.
amanda- hey!! like my new shirt!!
todd- yea did u get that from a&f , i see it has a moose on it
amanda- no, its a deer and i got it at old navy for cheap!!
by julierose August 03, 2006

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