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leaving a bar without telling any of the friends that you're out with that you're leaving. Generally induced by extreme amounts of alcohol and/or a hot girl or guy.
kelsey: i'm having so much fun!
julia: me too! i wonder where lola is?!
kelsey: oh no, she just took another shot, i hope she didn't end up pulling a cat!
#ditching #wasted #bros before hos #a cat #ditch
by juliaonthemoon August 12, 2008
props one receives for doing something mad shady.
person 1: where did mary go?
person 2: i don't know, dude, she just scored some drugs and disappeared into the bathroom with her best friend's ex for a half hour without telling anyone.
person 3: shit, that girl definitely just earned her shady stars.
#shady #stars #sketchy #sketch #shadefest
by juliaonthemoon February 02, 2009
1)when something or someone is REALLY stupid.
derived from the "word" STOOPS.

2)a group of seemingly stupid or annoying people.
1)oh snap! did you see what she just did? what a stoops patrol!

2)uh oh, looks like the stoops patrol is headed over here.
#stoops #dumb #bros #twits #stupid
by juliaonthemoon July 30, 2008
the trick day at the end of a menstrual period when you think you are done bleeding from the vag but you are not.
i thought my period was done so i didn't wear a tampon, but then the faux flow came and i bled all over my pants and my car and my boyfriend.
#period #aunt flow #trick day #menstruation #menstrual #aunt flo
by juliaonthemoon July 30, 2008
the incorrect way of spelling "Jillian".
my sister's name is Jillian, if you spell it Gillian she will cut you.
#gillian #jillian #gill #jill #jj
by juliaonthemoon February 02, 2009
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