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juggalo (fucking homos) that think there all badass cuz they walk around with there little sisters make up on and try to fuck with little 5 year olds cuzs every1 else with beat the living fuck out of them the also think that ICP is music even thou we all no its just some fucking idiot that makes noise that sounds like shit that comes out of ur ass and they also say to fuck farm animals or some fat slut bitch that cost them $300 to try n fit there like inch worms in her fucking elephant pussy every1 considers them to b fags or pussies and wiggers
kevin was a juggalo and he got his ass beat because he tried to fuck up some 5 year old but was to much of a pussy and kevins mom fucked him in is ass every night with her fat strap on

all juggalos+death(in example droping a bomb on there house, popping a cap in there ass if u a jungle baby, sticking there hand in there ass and hitting them in the head with there anal toy AKA there hatchet, punching them in the fucking face, getting ur 5 year old brother or sister to fuck them up, or simply cut there head off with there hatchet) = a fucking better world with out all these clown faced flaming faggets
by juggalo assassin (KJOS) June 26, 2010

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