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A woman who is into the Goth scene. many of the hottest women in the world are Goth chicks.
She's a Goth chick.
by Judge dredd7 July 08, 2011
When something smells really really bad.
My God that winds ripe.
by Judge dredd7 April 22, 2011
A club guys can join to exchange information on how to give surprise sex.
He's in a rape club.
by Judge dredd7 December 04, 2011
To fuck,screw,bang ect.
I'm gona try her.
by Judge dredd7 January 21, 2012
A nick name for Miley Cyrus because she's a turd skank and a retarded redneck cunt whore.
there's Miley the skank.
by Judge dredd7 May 23, 2011
A movement to promotes the rights of men.
It fights for the political and legal rights of men etc.
But it also fights for the emotional rights of men. Many women have a practice of tantalizing men with sex. It has been likened to holding a plate of food in front of a starving person and they telling them they can't have any. Which most Masculinist consider to be emotional cruelty.
They are committed to fighting all the tiny pussy brained feminist of the world.
Today men are considered to be stupid and immoral etc by feminist and there crones and it is high time to put a stop to it.
Support the Masculinist movement.
by Judge dredd7 September 30, 2011
A movement that seeks to promote and make legal the occupation of being an adult wet nurse. That is a woman let's adults suck milk out of her tit.

This is sometimes done among teen MILFs and in some bars you can go in and order a " Milk Mamma" and some woman will come out and let you suck the milk out of her tit.
Support the adult wet nurse movement.
by Judge dredd7 July 16, 2011

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