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Some sort of scream that manga-addicted children use to indicate that they just got incredibly happy

See also:
kawaii sugoi nyooo XD
I just got a new issue of GITS, KYAAAAAAAAA XDDDD
by juby January 10, 2005
rdy = ready

In multiplayer games, you sometimes have to declare you are 'ready' before starting the next round. Some people start to remind you to press the ready button by constantly typing 'rdy'.

Besides that this can be pissing off, it is rather useful, because sometimes you may forget to press it.
theTOM: rdy!
theTOM: rdy!
theTOM: rdy!
theTOM: rdy!
theTOM: rdy!
theTOM: rdy!
cheese: OH FFS QUIT FLOODING THE CHANNEL, we are still selecting the maps
theTOM: lol
by juby July 08, 2004
moderators at the habbo hotel
i got banned by a hobba
by juby July 01, 2004
Multiplayer game is a type of game in which you dont play against computer oponents, but against real people on the internet.

For more information about the multiplayer games, try using google.
George: All i do now is play neverwinter nights in the multiplayer mode!
Jane: Is that a new kind of soccer?
by juby July 08, 2004

Used to be probably the largest and most popular site hosting links for the edonkey network. Its owner, SimonMoon got arrested, and his hardware taken by the authorities, for breaking copyrights. This was of course a mistake, because he did not host any of these files, they were hosted BY the users. He was also forced not to use the domain sharereactor.com , so the site is history now.

THE ONLY sharereactor site had sharereactor.com domain name. Any other domain names are just owned by people who steal on other sites popularity for their own concern.

If you want to see how the story develops, be sure to check out SimonMoon's recent website, www.respectp2p.org
long live the sharereactor!
by juby July 01, 2004
Another word which is used for showing other people the power of your 0wnage.

m0dZ - modz - mods

'Mods' is short for modifications. Game mods are set of packed files made by gamers that change what the game looks like, for example it can change the futuristic weapons into those used in the second world war, it can change futuristic maps into those that look realistic. But mods can also make the game easier in multiplayer as some of them make weapons fire faster, or boost up players health and speed. This kind of cheating is usually taken care of by the game developers, however there are still some games that do not have anti-mod support. Those games include Freelancer, Red Faction and few more.

However saying m0dZ has nothing to do with modding, its like saying 'Look, i owned 20 guys with my knife, im having the skill like i was using a mod'
Freddy: hey you n00b! dont spawnkill!
oSoe80n3h: m0dZ
by juby July 01, 2004
Another sort of japanese scream that manga addicts use to indicate their
Also: nyuuu

extremaly intensive feelings, usually happiness

It is also used to make your sentence more sweet (see: kawaii)

Also see:
kyaa XD sugoi
Those puppies are so sweet! Nyooooo ^___^
by juby January 10, 2005
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