3 definitions by juancabeza

A condition which happens to young men esp. after their girlfriends dump them, marked by a feeling of despair, depression and the inability to bond with another woman. Very common in men who get engagement rings returned. However, virtually unknown in divorsed men. Losing it could last several years if not longer.
After Tom got dumped which made him lose it, he spent the rest of his days watching the movie "Paris, Texas", over and over again.
by juancabeza August 23, 2009
To take delight in anothers folly usually for a period of several seconds or more.
I'm gonna goof on this wino who's trying to tie his shoes while he's drunk.
by juancabeza August 30, 2009
Noun: Another name for a dickhead to be used in polite circles.
There's the guy who stole my girlfriend. He's a real heada.
by Juancabeza August 29, 2009

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