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(noun) To be sitting behind a tall person, when attempting to see what is behind them. Usually in group functions or classrooms, a finclipse can strike suddenly, causing a total blackout of what you were viewing.

Caused by a large object passing between you and the thing you want to see.

Contraction of "Finn" and "Eclipse"

Also known as a one man eclipse, or a human eclipse.
When blocked in her view of the board, Sally stated, "What has the teacher written, I can't see because of the ficlipse".
by juanamac April 15, 2011
Noun. Describing a Fanny-pack or bum-bag style item, usually worn by a large or inanimate object. Slightly uncooler than the retro Fanny-pack fashions of the early 1990's, the Finny-pack is more of an object of ridicule.
No, don't be silly. Clearly that is a finny-pack.... he's blocking the sun for god's sake!
by juanamac June 14, 2011
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