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2 definitions by jtronforce

to be complely full, stuffed to the gills, having eaten mondo second cup breakfast, then 2 lunches and cake.
We were terrible full. Me and Cheryl had satiatedly distended Shamu belly on the waddle back to Phoenix.
by jtronforce November 18, 2003
7 1
To be similar in execution or style to a disco dance party, or disco song. Disco refering to a generationless groovy boogie fever of no uncertain terms. A boogie fever is a very serious thing indeed.
I got the animated greeting card last night. Soundtrack was remarkably fabu. Nay i hazard to say it was discoriffic. I held a brief dance party around my desk. Had there been booze or lasers, we very well could have lost the day, double clicking your email.
by jtronforce November 18, 2003
4 2