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2 definitions by jthurlow

looks like myspace. if you type in a website that looks like myspace comes up. weird
hmm...something about myspace looks weird. oh, it's cause this is rnyspace. i'm a dumbass
by jthurlow May 05, 2007
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a site that people love to bitch about. myspace is for emo bitches is an example. also, myspace is for people who need to get a life. and myspace is a dumb-ass popularity contest.
the people who say these things will finish their conversation about how lame myspace is, and then rush home to check their new comments.

how about this- a site where, if you want, you can request actual friends, and then talk to them
god, myspace is so fucking stupid

i know, those kids that are on there are all so fucking lame

fuck that, i fucking hate myspace

did you comment my new pictures?
by jthurlow May 05, 2007
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