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a most excellent barbeque. usually with lots of beer, babes, herb, and the best steak you can buy
dude, did you hear about that gnarbeque james is having? i heard theres supposed to be three kegs!
by jswizzbeats August 24, 2009
this move works best if the fart is silent, and if you are in close proximity to the person you want to attack. after you sneak a nasty fart out, cup your hand around where the smelly air is and keep it tightly shut so no air escapes. then select your target and pitch the fart at them
guy 1:(rips a nasty fart and throws it at his bro)
guy 2: dude, did you just give me a graffeler?

random dude: hey man, did you hear about how johnny graffeled susan last night?
other random dude: ya , i heard she puked all over the keg
random dude: party foul!
by jswizzbeats August 24, 2009

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