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The urge to clean one's room, bathroom, or workspace fully knowing that something far more important must be done in the near future because "it needed to be cleaned." Usually occurs just before studying for a big test, writing a paper, or beginning some other undesirable yet significant task. Often justified by rationalizing, "at least I'm not being lazy."
I know I've gotta study for my math midterm on Wednesday, but I couldn't possibly do it in a messy room - looks like it's time for some procrasticleaning.
by jspot November 04, 2007
The drowsy, listless feeling endured after noshing on way too much food. Specifically, barbacoma often pertains to the episode following consumption of Chipotle burritos (perhaps filled with barbacoa), though it is applicable to large quantities of food in general.
After eating all that Chipotle, I do believe I've slipped into barbacoma and will be unable to accomplish anything for the foreseeable future. Two burritos are too many.
by jspot March 10, 2009

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