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3 definitions by jsd1027

The time period of about an hour after eating a Chipotle Burrito. Symptoms of Chipotle's revenge are: diarrhea, indigestion and sometimes vomiting. Sometimes a cleaning agent (see Chipotleaway) must be used to remove the blood stains from the eaters undergarments.
Jerry: "Dude I had Chipotle about an hour ago but now I need to take a huge shit! It tastes so good going in, but now it hurts."
Fred: "Chipotle's Revenge at its work.
by jsd1027 September 09, 2010
The act of camping while playing Call of Duty World at War, since most of the game takes place in Nazi Germany
Jim: (Whilst Playing CoD WoW) "Yo dude I keep dying, where am I getting shot from"

Dave: "Aw dude Hans is Mein Kampfing up in the tower, what a fag"
by jsd1027 June 21, 2011
Muslim rock and roll band similar to a christian rock group. However instead of singing about god and jesus, they sing about Mohammed and Allah. A play on words of the band "Duran Duran"
Jerry: "Yea I was getting out of the Mosque yesterday and I decided to pump some Quaran Quaran"
Steve: "Oh yea? What's your favorite song?"
Jerry: "Hungry like Allah. that song rocks"
by jsd1027 October 28, 2010