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3 definitions by jsd1027

The time period of about an hour after eating a Chipotle Burrito. Symptoms of Chipotle's revenge are: diarrhea, indigestion and sometimes vomiting. Sometimes a cleaning agent (see Chipotleaway) must be used to remove the blood stains from the eaters undergarments.
Jerry: "Dude I had Chipotle about an hour ago but now I need to take a huge shit! It tastes so good going in, but now it hurts."
Fred: "Chipotle's Revenge at its work.
by jsd1027 September 09, 2010
28 6
The act of camping while playing Call of Duty World at War, since most of the game takes place in Nazi Germany
Jim: (Whilst Playing CoD WoW) "Yo dude I keep dying, where am I getting shot from"

Dave: "Aw dude Hans is Mein Kampfing up in the tower, what a fag"
by jsd1027 June 21, 2011
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Muslim rock and roll band similar to a christian rock group. However instead of singing about god and jesus, they sing about Mohammed and Allah. A play on words of the band "Duran Duran"
Jerry: "Yea I was getting out of the Mosque yesterday and I decided to pump some Quaran Quaran"
Steve: "Oh yea? What's your favorite song?"
Jerry: "Hungry like Allah. that song rocks"
by jsd1027 October 28, 2010
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