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A small town in northeast Georgia whose population is exceeded by gas stations. The nightlife in said town consists of going to the one shitty bar the town has, standing around in the plethora of parking lots it has to offer, standing around in the smoke filled redneck retard gene pool of a bowling alley, and vandalizing peoples property (typically all go hand in hand). Its famous tourist attractions consists of a 15-foot waterfall and a mountain that is the geographical equivalent of a micro penis. Dale Davis is the Manny Pacquiao of Toccoa.
"Man Toccoa sucks there's nothing to do."
"Well at least it's not Lavonia."
by JRog December 16, 2014
Having a lack of alcohol, whether it be at a friend's house or in your own home.
I finished a bottle of wine and was going to drink some more, but there was a lackohol, so i just went to bed.
by jrog November 18, 2009
When two poker players, small blind and big blind have all the action folded to them choption is a short handed word for the option to chop the blinds(take your money back) or play the hand!!
Alright guys choption??? Yes chop, or no play it out!!!
by Jrog July 12, 2013

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