67 definitions by jr

dumpster dining in the ghetto
shit, bobby is on the crack buffet again.
by jr December 11, 2004
self descriptive- "fucking ugly cunt"
that sue with the missing tooth and the big ass is one mighty fuglunt.
by jr December 11, 2004
the act of milking ones prostate gland and drinking it.
When david says uggdugg i no its time to get my ass slirped up.
by Jr December 24, 2002
coolest person in the world haha
I wish I could be just like JR someday
by JR February 26, 2005
derogatory insult implying someone either sucks so much cock they puke a lot or is just a plain old jizz bag
situation:your brother is poking you or throwing things at you---"cut it ouy, dickpuke!"
by jr December 11, 2004
when you get totally wasted and wake up next to a woman lying her head on your arm who is so ugly you would rather chew your own arm off and run than wake her up so thinks it was something more than a drunken one night stand
shit man, i got so wasted last night i ended up on a wolf date
by jr December 11, 2004
All them mofuckers say that texas is redneck and shit... fuck yall, yall dont no wat texas is like.we dont run round in dem cowboy boots. if u want rednecks go to louisiana or somewhere else cuz we aint no rednecks. we kick yo ass in texas. ever heard the frase "dont mess with Texas" thats cuz we tough in texas. im from dallas and dats the place to be cuz thas where all the shit goes down. Texas is by far the best state n the us.
Texas is by far the best state ever.
by jr January 06, 2005

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