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Using one’s physical features, i.e. penis, boobs, calves, biceps, semen-trail, etc. to lure the same or opposite sex into coitus.
1. A homeboi's ejaculate – Byron was so nervous to impress Kathryn on their upcoming date, he decided to pull-out all the stops. Before going, he wanked it and used his semen-remnants to smear a ghost-trail from the nape of his neck to the ballz of his feet thinking his boi-bait would help seal the deal.

2. An attractive boi - Elizabeth was overwhelmed with crotch tinglez when Thompson took off his shirt and flashed his hard beef nipz. Thompson just wanted to get laid so he used his impeccable nipz as boi-bait.
by jptbpcbst December 03, 2011
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