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derived from the word torture, it is the act of receiving unwanted text messages from someone you can't stand
Q: You still hear from Fay?

A: Yeah, man she won't leave me alone; it's hellish
#text #hell #message #unwanted #torture
by JPnEB August 22, 2008
One who engages in anal play in the hope of getting an unexpected dividend on their probe caused by improper preparation and/or hygiene...
Max likes to dig deep in his partner's ass in the hope of coming out with a plum; he is a true chunk spelunker...
#anal sex #spelunking #ass #anal play #chunk
by JPnEB May 28, 2008
a distant cousin to the shocker, watchutalkinboutwillis is uttered by a female when in the course of doggy-style sex, your cock pops out and on the next thrust you hit her asshole by mistake
Goin' doggy on Gina last week, my stuff slipped out and when it hit her asshole on the next stroke, her head snapped around and she barked watchutalkinboutwillis ?
#shocker #sex #doggy-style #asshole #doggy
by JPnEB May 25, 2008
a very hirsute female with hair all over her body
You seal the deal with that chick Melanie? Yeah, I did and she sure was a Hairy Potter but in a strange way, it was a turn-on...
#hirsute #hairy #potter #hair #strange
by JPnEB May 23, 2008
While having safe sex, the male withdraws and re-enters quickly, stripping the condom off in the process and going back in bareback
Melissa and I were doing it the other night and when she wasn't paying attention I pulled a Sneaky Pete on her
#sex #fucking #condom #bareback #safe sex
by JPnEB July 28, 2008
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