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A horrible group of people. They live in caravans, steal absoluteley ANYTHING and are general scumbags. They hate all the normal people because they are jealous of our lives where we actually earn a living and don't assault anyone who looks at us or have to steal everything. They drive white transits as a rule and I don't think their are any exceptions of the rule that GYPPOs=scum. The town I live in could be a nice place but the whole area is ruined by their presence. Don't believe me? Try this little true scenario.
2003=my mate skating by himself in town. Two huge gyppos in their twenties come over, without warning punch him in the face while wearing a fat ring, break his nose and then laugh.
2004=Me with a group of friends at a skatepark. 10 gypsies come in. 7 of them start on me. Reason?=none. Result=black eyes, bleeding ear and mouth.
If anyone ever tries to defend gypsies, just try fucking living near some. Its not romantic or a good way of living, they are REPULSIVE TRAMPS who will get what is coming to them. Writing about them makes me so angry I want to go and shoot someone.
Gyppos are hideous inbred muthafuckas, who live in caravan fights and are romantically connected to their sisters. They start fights on people for no reason and should die.
If i'd been born a gypsy I'd kill myself.
gyppo= Ginnie and also Amit
by jp12323456764363333 December 15, 2008

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