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95 definitions by jp

a mediocre hockey player that has achieved mythical greatness through no fault of his own.

Used primarily as a non-sequitur.
That movie? BobRouse. Could it have been worse?
by JP November 07, 2003
2 4
A post on a blog that readers will love, but doesn't take much work on your part to post.

A subject that is such a good fit for the genre of your blog that your readers will eat it up.
The latest Ann Coulter book filled with distortions will provide tons of blogcandy for the liberal blogiverse.
by JP November 07, 2003
1 3
one who is thugg, agg and a pimp
JP is thaggimp
by JP November 02, 2003
1 3
slang for cocaine. derived from the act of placing the corner of a credit card into the bag and 'pinging' the coke up ones nose.
'Yo lets hook up with Joe and get some ping!"
by jp January 22, 2005
15 18
King Tubby (real name Osbourne Ruddock; b.1949, d.1981) was the dub pioneer and remix godfather. In the 1970s Tubby's sonic science transformed the way music was made and listened to in Jamaica and around the world. Studio boffins everywhere are in his debt.
'Tubby's right, with all the Drum & Bass ting now, dem ting just start by accident, a man sing off-key, an' when you reach a dat you drop out everthing an' leave the drum, an' lick in the bass, an' cause a confusion, an' people like it...we say "Yes, Tubbs, madness the people dem like it!"' (Bunny Lee, producer/mentor, contemporary of Tubby)
by JP January 21, 2005
37 40
The word GASTFU is and acronym for the newly-developed phrase "Gay Animal, Shut The Fuck Up" Used mainly by the highly sophisticated persons. :)
"GASTFU!!!" yelled the pissed schoolkid at his annoying teacher.
by JP December 06, 2004
5 8
To lay comfortably with another person without any ties to a relationship or thoughts of sex; completely platonic
My best friend and I snoogled while we watched a movie
by JP October 25, 2004
18 21