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An awesome NHL team who just won THE STANLEY CUP.
Us Raleigh folks partied all night, making bonfires from Oilers Jerseys, after the Carolina Hurricanes' game seven victory.
by joyanonymous June 20, 2006
the phrase that replaces 'holy shit' after your christian friends tell you to stop cursing.
person 1: *stubs toe* holy shit! that fucking hurt
person 2 (a.k.a. christian friend): don't curse. it hurts the lord.
person 1: *stubs toe again* holy christ! that effing hurt.
person 2: *sigh*
by joyanonymous June 10, 2006
symbol/code that one uses to indicate a space between lines when making a myspace (or something of that nature) profile.
I couldn't figure out why all of my words were running together even after I hit the return key a gagillion times. Then I remembered that one must insert <p> to make the lines skip.
by joyanonymous June 10, 2006
a spork that swims.
the best sounding word ever. if you concentrate on pronouncing it just so, it feels all crisp and neat-o.
Ya know when everything is feeling all sloppy and garglyga? Say splork, making sure to hit all of the consonants just right. Everything will feel better afterward.
by joyanonymous June 10, 2006

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