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Short for muffaletta (or muffuletta), the sandwich invented at New Orleans's Central Grocery in the early 20th century. The sandwich, which is rooted in Sicilian cuisine, comprises several different Italian meats-- typically hard salami, mortadella and capicola-- as well as provolone cheese on a crusty, round, sesame seed-encrusted Italian loaf, but the defining characteristic is its rich olive salad, considered a delicacy in New Orleans and beyond.
"Don't fuggit ta ax fuh extra olive salad onnat muff, brah."
by jotis December 20, 2005
a person who lines a toilet seat with toilet paper, paper towels or some other paper product before using a public toilet, then leaves the "nest" of paper on the seat, to the chagrin of everyone else who uses the restroom.
Did you see the goddamn bathroom? The fucking nester left his fucking nest on the toilet again.
by jotis July 26, 2007
Verb: To drink a liquid in a violent, extreme, exaggerated manner with a great deal of bravado. Often done by males in attempt to impress females and intimidate other males.
1. Holy shit, did you see that?! That dude just skull dumped the fuck out of that Nestle's Quik.

2. I came here to do two things: skull dump some Sunny D and kick some ass. Looks like I'm all out of Sunny D.
by jotis May 13, 2010
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