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A coagulation of the worlds young to middle-aged virgins into one, testosterone free room. These individuals are usually male, but have many alias' via the internet. They live their life mostly on-line and restrict their social agenda to Lan party's and the occasional ultimate frisbee game. These LAN goers know their way around a computer, but not the elusive "vagina". You see them on the streets, wearing finger-less gloves,tank goggles, and the clever comment tee. If you hear a song that you think couldnt possibly be liked by anyone, there is probably a LAN man around.
Josh: so what are ya'll doing this weekend?

X: i'm going hunting

Ian: *turns down Indie music...i'm going to a LAN party... *turns Indie music back up and slides on tank goggles
by joshuascott October 09, 2008

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