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1 definition by joshualawrence

To finger-fuck a woman, not neccessarily involving intercourse--in other words digital stimulation in the sense of digital equalling fingers and having a decidely analog meaning. Perhaps, an archaic usage but familiar to people in the Midwest, especially during the eighties where the journey from first base to home plate was a long and ardous task. See also smell my fingers, man. Also, refers to obese Missouri women as in corn-fed pork.
"Dude, by the end of the month I am totally going to do Cindy--I porked her last night in the car and I'm heading for home plate!"
"Cindy, but she's like total corn-fed pork dude! Can you even find the slit on that chick? Did you pork or did you spork her?"
by joshualawrence April 11, 2008
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