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gritty textured dried up semen that makes telltale opaque stains
Monica lewinsky's little black dress was tastefully embellished with President Clinton's cumcrust.
by joshster August 10, 2007
obsessively jealous stalking chick who won't stay in the garbage after you've squeezed all the juice you want out of her
Unfortuantely I got bored with her but having laid the pipe too well, now was saddled with a stalkerette
by joshster August 08, 2007
what your stomach feels like when eating things your Mom warned you not to- like : afterbirth, vietnamese whores, anti-freeze, pickled polish sausage, ATMs...
'I shouldn't have done that last ATM with that homeless dude' said the porno queen, ' it gave me botswana tummy'
by joshster August 15, 2007
diaherrea so heinous that it's sufferers would gladly swap for ebola herpes in a fruitless bid for temporary relief.
The Coroner surmised that the victim had eaten the diafluchhous brownie batter and thus was discovered open-mouthed and doubled over much the same way as a rat full of D-Con
by joshster August 15, 2007
The common occurrence while defecating when a loud powerful fart proceeds a fast moving shit bullet that chips the bowl
He drunkenly fell off the crapper and howitzered through the stall wall where the shit shrapnel got lodged in the occupant's leg
by joshster August 10, 2007

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