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The Angles:

Only a shot of the face, a shot of the ass, a shot of the mouth, a shot of the eyes.
“There is no full picture”

All the ugly girls at myspace have this!!!
Dude 1- Dude look at this chick she is hot!!!
Dude 2- Dude she’s got the angles, you know... “The angles” all the ugly chicks at myspace have that, there is no full picture!
#the angles #angles #the myspace angles #myspace angles #ugly chick angles
by joshi March 03, 2006
Its a nice way to say cunt in front of your mum
oh mother your gynie called he said your flange was a okay
#meat hole #cunt #beef curtains #vagina #pussie
by joshi November 09, 2006
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