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3 definitions by josh789

Nerys is a girl like no other. She speaks her mind out. She isn't afraid to say what she thinks. She hides a lot of things. She believes everyone is better the her. She is one of the most amazing girls you will every meet, don't ever let her go. She gets hurt easily. But she cares for everyone even if they don't like her. She has a very kind heart. She doesn't trust a lot of people. She has a lot of friends but she only has a few close friends or "best friends". A lot of people are jealous of nerys, because people like her. They wish they could be like her. Nerys's are perfect, but they don't realize it, if you know a nerys tell here she is beautiful it will certainly make her smile and make her day. She is almost always looking her best no one can even explain how beautiful she looks. Even though there are people that don't like her she stays positive. There are times were stuff/people make her cry her self to sleep but she trues to hid it, and keeps a smile on her face 97.9%. Nerys is perfect, if a nerys ever lets you know she has feeling for you, don't ever let her go. You are lucky if you have a Nerys in your life.
Nerys is the most perfect girl in the world.
You are luck to gave a nerys in your life.
by Josh789 December 23, 2013
5 1
the highest level of awesome

or having sexual relations with two or more females.

(which is considered the highest level of awesome)
matt- yo josh guess whati just did!

josh- what?!

matt- two chicks at the same time!!!

josh & matt- DOUBLE DRAGON!!!!
by josh789 February 25, 2009
5 8
A place to drink, smoke, fornicate, ect
lets go to the slappy shack
by josh789 February 18, 2009
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