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the act of takeing the wallets of drunks passed out in bar parking lots.
last night i went drunk rolling i made $2000
by josh 1 April 20, 2012
a knife made of medal, glass, rock, ect. normaly by prisoners in prison.
prisoner1: yo did you hear about bill.

prisoner2: ya bob killed him with a prison knife.

prisoner1: sad.

prisoner2: ya.

prisoner1: he had kids.

prisoner2: didn't you know that's how he got here he killed them.

prisoner1: oh no I droped my soap.
by josh 1 January 19, 2012
a town in nj the shiteist place in the world. it is full of yuppie scum and cops with nothing to do but mess with kids. the schools are made like prisons the teachers are Gestapo. there are 3 main ghettos Oakwood village, the village green, and kings village. there two kinds of kids ghetto wanttobes or red necks. The schools are run by the Gestapo and morons that spend 400000 on a shitty computer program but can’t fix the Leakey roof. In the high school there is at least one death a year. The schools got rid of the grade d and are working on c. there are 3 parts of town budd lake which is around budd lake the sewage runoff of the town, Flanders, then the forgotten bottom of the hill which includes the nudist colony. the breeding ground for all sluts and hores and the birth place of all STDs.
person 1: look its mount olive

person 2: DRIVE FASTER!

person 1: why

person 2: i dont want aids
by josh 1 April 23, 2013
the ballsackes you can put on truckes that come in vayrous sizes and colores.
guy1:look at that truck.
guy2:ya it has trucksticles
by josh 1 March 12, 2012
john wane+44 magnum+M1+M1911+diroctors chair

there is no job he can not do

some of his movies include where eagles dare, dirty harry, letters from iwo jima, flags of our fathers, hang em high, a fist full of dollars, the good, bad, and the ugly, pale rider, kelleys heroes, gran torino , and heartbreak ridge.
the credets from a clint eastwood movie read

director: clint eastwood

producer: clint eastwood

writer: clint eastwood

staring: clint eastwood

with music by: clint eastwood
by josh 1 March 01, 2012
a kinfe that is made of a paper clip.

normaly by pussies
kiven is such a pussie he uses a school knife.
by josh 1 January 09, 2012
an adiction to urban dictionary a person who spends all day on urban dictionary the reason for random buttion
I have a UD adiction so what
by josh 1 June 06, 2012

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