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The Erick has a well known reputation for being a complete boss. The Erick is usually found eating rocks, beef jerky made soggy from Tabasco sauce, and small children. When night falls, the Erick goes out to hunt for vegetarians, hippies, and members and supporters of the organization PETA. You can recognize the Erick by the bossiness in his expression and the extremely large pectoral muscles. If you are of the female gender, you may be able to see the Erick's large genitalia. The Erick is often confused with the Joseph Lara, which is a more extreme version of the Erick.
"Hey, look at that complete boss over there!"
"He looks like he probably has exceptionally large genitals."
"He must be an Erick."
by josephlaraisacompleteboss March 27, 2009
The third gender.
"Look at that guy over there."
"That's not a guy!"
"Okay then, look at that girl over there."
"It's not a girl either."
"What is it?"
"That's a Katana."
by josephlaraisacompleteboss March 27, 2009

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