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1) A person who is usually short and considered to be "gay". They usually want to have power that they normally would not have and people humor them so they do not get offended.

2) King of the ancient civilization of Lorne, husband of the God of nourishment, Monah.
"That guy is such a Lawney, He kissed a guy and thinks people respect him because he is the assistant towel boy."

"In 1254 Lawney lead the people of Lorne into a pit of fire. On accident of course."
by jordan199311 July 15, 2008
1. Someone who has slightly short hair. They are usually made fun of because very little people have short hair. As many may know, if something is different it should be made fun of, destroyed, hurt, or killed. (Not to be confused with fetis)

2. Someone who has a fedish.
Nils: "Nice haircut loser!"
Jordan: "Huh?"
Josh: "I think it's fine, what's wrong with it Nils?"
Nils: "He's a fedist!"
by jordan199311 August 22, 2009
The original gaming console made by Sony. A slimmer version later came out because people were sick of mixing oil and gas so they could play Crash Bash. Regular maintenance was needed like greasing the disk tray using a grease gun made for the playstation (Sold separately).

Critics didn't like having a system with a 4 stroke engine so they made a console named the PSOne. Which did the same exact thing except it made Sony more money. Memory cards could hold a whole 8MB and weighed approximately 32 pounds.

Gamers who like to collect game consoles tend to like the Playstation. It's value can be up to 15 dollars but shipping is $500 due to the wide load truck needed to move it. The lense used to read the disk is made out of only the highest quality plastic and the shell is made from the highest quality steel.
Nils: "Woah, that a huge generator ya got there!"
Jordan: "Nope, thats my old Playstation 1"
Nils: "How retro! I'll give you 15 dollars for it"
Jordan "Ummm.... k, dont you have a PS3 though?"
Nils: "Ya but i need retro video games to fill the empty space in my life that most people fill with friends and a social life."
Jordan: "K, give me my money, want some free games and a tank of gas/oil mixture?"
Nils: "Nah, i got nitrous oxide"
by jordan199311 August 16, 2009

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