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4 definitions by joolee

name for a guy named Jamie that is gay
Hong likes Gaymie!! AHH!!
by JooLee February 05, 2004
When you don't have enough time to take a regular shower so you use baby wipes to clean your body. Made popular by Brad Pitt that stated when he gets sweaty, he rubs baby wipes under his armpits.
I didn't have time to shower after the gym so I took a Brad Pitt Shower.
by joolee September 23, 2012
say diffenition as he-she but pronounced differently (instead of he•she its hesh (with a long 'e') a heshe is someone that dates a shim of is a guy that looks like a girl not matter what
Tyler is a heshe!!
by JooLee February 05, 2004
a EXTREMELY ugly girl thats looks like a guy no matter what
Kensi is a shim!!
by JooLee February 05, 2004