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2 definitions by jookid

ICY is a serious medical condition. It is a disorder of the message system in the brain. Someone that is ICY loses the ability to act properly or to think clearly - his or her mind is split from reality. ICY affects 1% of people throughout the world. It sometimes starts during childhood, but most often shows up in the late teens or 20s.
yo i think that blaq dude is suffering from Icy Syndrome
by jookid October 08, 2008
a disorder in which sexual urges, fanatasies, and behaviour involve women to have unnormal features- NO EYEBROWS. It also involves watching themselves naked, undressing, them selves on video(music) while getting aroused. It involves touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person, usually in a crowded place such as clubs. In the only case in has been shown that they will take pictures with women to later view the images and believeing that they are accepted sexually by them.
yo, that niggaz got a case of blaq
by jookid October 08, 2008