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An unfortunate or unsatisfactory situation, in which typically a milf-jockey is to blame.
Guy 1 - "Hey."
Guy 2 - "What?"
Guy 1 - "Can you believe that the BP oil spill led to the zombie apocalypse?"
Guy 2 - "I know, that's crazy huh?"
Guy 3 - "I have AIDS."
Guy 1 - "..."
Guy 2 - "That's a whore's way."
by jonormbar June 16, 2010
A wide or dumb-looking person.
Homeless guy - "Hey."
Homeless chick - "What?"
Homeless guy - "You see that dude right there?"
Homeless chick - "Yeah."
Homeless guy - "That dude's a milf-jockey."
Homeless chick - "I want a divorce."
by jonormbar June 16, 2010

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