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to go through your closet looking for clothes you forgot you owned. sometimes happens when you're short of cash, sometimes happens when you lose weight and discover a bunch of clothes that fit once again.
hey, cute jacket. where'd you get it?

i went closet shopping. i haven't worn it in years.

i don't remember it. looks great!

by jonnyss August 20, 2010
the song running in the background of one's mind as one goes about the day. used affectionately for the songs that persist for minutes or hours and that, like a movie soundtrack, reflect or amplify one's mood (rather than the odd, irrelevant songs that occasionally get stuck in one's head).
it's april, sunny, and getting warm. my mental soundtrack is, "oh what a beautiful morning."

she dumped me. my mental soundtrack is playing, "here he comes / that's cathy's clown."

that guy looks just like donald fagan. everytime i see him, my mental soundtrack switches to steely dan, "hey nineteen."
by jonnyss April 19, 2009

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