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Being completely screwed out of something do a degree that pushes the bounds of human capacity for thought. Screwed in a way that you will never live it down. Screwed in a way that it makes other grown men cry when they hear about it.
EX 1: "Oh man I was out last night in the city with Rob and his sister Sarah." "You won't believe it but we got into the club's VIP area with Megan Fox, and she clearly wanted to get it on with Rob."
"Sarah completely cock blocked him, told him to stay away from the Tahini so he wouldn't flare up."

"Joyced, totally Joyced."

EX 2: "Did you see Jim Joyce screw Galarraga out of that perfect game?"


"From now on I'll just say Joyced when someone is completely screwed for life."

"Lose a limb because of a drunk driver? -Joyced." "Get a divorce because your friend nailed your wife? - Joyced" "Lose the presidency because your opponent's brother fixed the election? - Joyced."
by jonnynewjet June 04, 2010
Following the massive wake-up call of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks the long history of political and social bifurcation of White cultural society in the U.S. accelerated. And, the result was the rise of two distinct sub-groups: the insular, and the meta-aware. As a culture White America had up to that point been largely unconscious of their culture and preferences, or even that they had a distinct culture and/or preferences. After 9/11 an en-mass self-awareness of white Americanness was born in the meta-aware. A genre of film and media sprung up in the aftermath of the attacks to serve this large, newly-minted group. This genre is Whitesploitation.
-Did you go and see the new Wes Anderson movie?

-Why would I want to go and watch a bunch of White wannabes struggle with the sudden recognition of the meaning of their cultural selves. That's Whitesploitation!

-Uh yeah, but you're white, dude. Don't you like struggling with the recognition of the meaning of your cultural self?

-True. Seeing that flick would be so meta.
by jonnynewjet July 03, 2011

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