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2 definitions by jonny4ever

Sex with an oriental woman , sex with a woman of far east Asian descent.
You: I'm going on a date with Ming (/ Kim / Lee / Jung etc.) tonight.

Mate: Ahh! Sushi bang bang for you!
by jonny4ever September 04, 2011
Young Indian or Pakistani Female with rich parents. Snobbish, and generally not so bright but has lots of Daddy's money to spend on shopping , coffee with friends, cute puppies, make-up etc. India or Pakistani's version of the bimbo. (eg. Paris Hilton eqivalent might be Shipta Shetty)
Guy1: Man, she is so stuck up and snobbish. She wouldn't be seen dead talking to us 'mere mortals'

Guy2: I know she is such a Bindi Babe.
by jonny4ever October 21, 2011