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Is Geroge a retard?
statistically George W Bush is above average in american intelligence. Proof... 51% of Americans voted him in for a second term. Takes a retard to vote for a retard. Good luck usa.
err... should I vote for Kerry?... I don't know he seems kinda intelligent... or should I vote for george w bush, the one that has the intelligence of a monkey? who has created a world of terror with his war on terror. Who thinks that by killing an innocent persons family they are less likely to turn to terrorism.
I think I'm gonna vote for Bush. Good idea and good luck.
by jonniejoejonson October 11, 2006
descriptive word meaning something really good. It is from the word cunting, which means something bad, however when you make it into an adjective, it does a full swing to mean something good.
"that cake tastes 'cuntingly' good, Francessca."
by jonniejoejonson August 31, 2006
super cunting... derivative of cunting. When something is slightly more cunting than that which the singular use of 'cunting' doth suffice to describe. Most often used in the sentance... 'that's not cunting, that's super cunting'.
Pedros, the Spanish Stud slept with my girlfriend... that's cunting.... then he slept with me... super cunting.
by jonniejoejonson October 11, 2006
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