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1. An alternate account created by the Newgrounds animator coolboyman for the sole purpose of spamming the Flash portal.

2. The animator who, on August 15, 2001, submitted the "flash" B and sparked the creation of the Clock Crew.

3. The King of the Portal even though he never won that award in real life.
Clock Crew Member: Strawberry Clock is king of the portal!!!

n00b: N0 hes not!!11!1 Clawks suk!

Clock Crew Member: Hmm.... Flashes by n00b: -none-
by Jonnadiah August 16, 2005
The artist who created the account Strawberry Clock as a joke and accidentially spawned the Clock Crew He now spends most of his time doing collabs with other artists.
Strawberry Clock: I'm really coolboyman, now you are going to all hate me.

Clock Crew: B for life!
by Jonnadiah August 16, 2005
SquareEnix (formally Squaresoft) from 1997-2004 when they refused to sell Nintendo Final Fantasy. Run by an evil president who favored evil corporations over stuggling companies who don't try to monopolize the electronics industry. When the evil president was forced to reign, Final Fantasy was returned to Nintendo in the form of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the most addicting game on the planet.
Isn't it ironic that Square modeled it's new company policy off of the Shinra in FFVII, the antithesis of good?
by Jonnadiah April 28, 2005
A cheerful and intelligent being who assists Jonnadiah by editing most of his works. The Scof is famous of despencing gum as well as being a prominent drama member.

Scof rules.
Person 1: Do you have any gum?
Person 2: No, go ask Scof.
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
As seen on Newgrounds.

The Flash animator who receives the most awards for his or her work within a month is named King of the Portal. This only applies to Daily, Weekly and Review Crew awards.
Clock Crew Member: Strawberry Clock is King of the Portal.

Flash Animator: Well, although he technecally never won that award, some of his stuff is really funny.
by Jonnadiah August 16, 2005
1.A game famous for setting a new standard for all 32-bit games. It's graphics rival even the 64-bit Nintendo 64 graphics and it's storyline can't be beat. It has everything a great game should have, explosions, death, crazy bad-guys, chocobos and evil corporations.
2. The game that turned Square into an evil corporation (see Square, the evil corporation)
I have over 100 hours on my Fianl Fantasy VII memory card, how about you?
by Jonnadiah April 28, 2005
1. A fat waste of life who succeeds at nothing but wasting valuable natural resources.
2. The unpopular kid who is kicked off the shcool elections ballot because his posters "mock everything the administration has worked so hard to set up."
3. An 11th grader who does absolutely nothing in Physics class, but proceeds to ace every single fucking test.
4. A Scapegoat
Teacher: "What was that loud banging?"
Class: "LEFFERTS!"
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004

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