2 definitions by jonathanwtfuxxx

A awesome stickam person. loves to make rainbows and mess with people.
wtfux stands for what the fux.
usally hates on sarkis because sarkis's are losers who use girls.
wtfux is also cool and you should put wtfux at the end of your name.
guy 1 - wtfux is so awesome
guy 2 - yeah so is jonathanwtfux
guy 1 - yeah i wanna be a wtfux!
girl 1 - me too!
by jonathanwtfuxxx February 23, 2010
you tell it to a girl so they can rip there shirt off like superman.
or a guy if you really wanted too.
guy - hey girl superman that shirt!
girl - okay, *supermans her shirt*
guy - mmmm nice
by jonathanwtfuxxx February 23, 2010

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