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Jonathan Espinosa better known as huge mandingo. He won the Guinness records for pulling the most hoes. He was the first known pimp in world history. He first started he pimping at 5 he pays a girl $5 to give him his first kiss, which prompts Jonathan to start his own "kissing company" and eventually becomes a pimp. He then develops bottom bitches which our he's hoes which are the ones that get the money for him known as the Jovi's and Brandon's. He's main bitches are called Humberto's.. The humberto's are usually the scarecrow looking ones but its what lewers in the Jovi's or brandon's known as the hoes.
that nigga pulled 7 hoes in one night that nigga pulled a straight jonathan.
by jonathan1111111111 October 17, 2010

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