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3 definitions by jonathan turner

standin out from everyone else.
a word used in texas, for makin a scene.

kobe scored 81 in a game, he was showin naked ass
by jonathan turner October 12, 2007
75 12
a rapper from d-town...(dallas texas)...known for his screwed and chopped freestyles with DSR (dirty south rydaz) the infamous dallas booty haircut, and nicknames: tum tum laden, tum zilla, tum teezy, double t..
that nigga tum tum be wreckin
tum tum made that one song, caprice musik
by jonathan turner October 12, 2007
42 33
a word used in texas for freestylin, showin naked ass on the mic, goin off the dome....makin it known that ur the best at a certain moment
kobe was wreckin on the raptors when he dropped 81
paul wall be wreckin on the mic
by jonathan turner October 12, 2007
15 11