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A new sub-genre of music, started in America, which comprises of so called "Happy Hardcore" metal music. The songs are lyrically sung rather than shouted, but all the major ideals from metal are there (the double pedal, drop tuned guitars, breakdowns.) The only major difference is the songs are played in a major (or "happy") key. Beardcore is attached to this small sub-genre, because of the leading band, Four Year Strong (Who together have more hair than a sheep)
"Hey dude, you checked out this beardcore band?"
"OMG they're so rad, I gotta buy their merch and grow a beard to beat them!"
by jon_sparky November 10, 2008
Typically a try hard pre-teen. It is hard to find a greeb over the age of about 17, and under 10 (although you do find certain odditys) Generally they wear a HIM/MCR/Hello Kitty/Panic! At the Disco top, with destroyed baggy jeans/exceedingly tight bright-assed skinny jeans. Braclets and accessories a must. Sometimes they wear glasses to look cool (not because they are blind) and hang around drinking and doing drugs/smoking, anything to try and look cool.

Basically a rip off of a scenekid/metal head. Infamous for having "the angles" on MySpace/Bebo, where you take photos from above yourself, to make yourself more flattering/less of a fat shit. Usually has "x"s at the back and front of their msn name. Tries to get dates and girlfriends via MySpace, usually to a funny result. Basically all the worst bits of puberty rolled into one stereotypical mess.

Can be found any saturday on College Green, in Bristol, UK.
"Hey man, i love your bright neon studded belt, it makes you look so manly and apsolutely nothing like a greeb!"
"Thnx dude, ur so kewl I jst luv bein acceptd by those xScenex kidz overe dere, do u fink if I try to be lik dem they'll notic me?"

not a blind chance you stupid kiddy.
by jon_sparky November 10, 2008
It's a word the girls try to use to show their "individualism". Wearing thick rimmed glasses with no lenses, granny clothes and socks with toes etcetc. If you call yourself quirky you should refer yourself to the article titled tool, because that is what you are. The true quirky people are generally the ones who graduated from an arts university campus, have some deep seated mental minor ocd/adhd about something, and are generally, not skanky whores trying to pull with their quirky-fucking-ness.
Hey, do you like my lensless big glasses and granny sweater? It's so quirky, i think the guys are going to love me.

I hate you, dickhead.
by jon_sparky February 03, 2011
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