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in hebrew, an afican american person

see nigga
What the heck is a kooshie doing in a sinagauge?
by jon rom January 18, 2004
while dukeing a girl, have a friend hide in the closet and suddenly jump out and frighten the girl so much that she will begin to rage around the room while you grasp on to her shoulders and attempt to stay on as long as possible
boy, that girl sure can buck like a bronco.
by jon rom January 18, 2004
1. describing something as appealing to one's self
2. cool, fashionable, attractive
I can't stop thinking about your mother's sted body.
by jon rom January 18, 2004
1. to place one's male reproductive organ inside of a woman's anus in such a way resembling the style of sexual intercoarse carried out by breeds of dogs
2 to butt-fuck
"My penis has been aching ever since I duked your overweight mother last week."
by jon rom January 17, 2004
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