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An extremely attractive, American woman. So attractive that you star talking to a guitar.
Woah! She's beautiful! I'm talkin' about a Yankee Rose.
by Jon December 07, 2004
When a waiter/waitress is serving too many people at once.
Ned, you're in the weeds. I think I'll get Julie to wait on the other six tables.
by Jon January 11, 2005
1) To destroy by ripping apart (Hulk Hogan)
2) smash to pieces or throw very far, which then causes the object to break (The Incredible Hulk).
1) Holy crap dude you totally hulked that bag!
2) Wow thanks for hulking my stereo...
by Jon September 02, 2006

Commonly used when asking if someone else has access to a server or box.
"Do you have axx on that b0x?"
by jon January 01, 2004
To knock someone unconscious.
"When Bill and I fight, I'm totally gonna cold-cock that guy".
by Jon February 16, 2005
when are Dj's jamming in the street and MCs are rapping to the beat. Usually the neighbors downstairs cannot sleep because the people upstairs are stomping their feet.It's not like they're starting a riot
but they'll call the cops because they want some quiet.
Oh my God I think I'm having a rap attack.

Somebody get a doctor quick man
she's having an attack.

She said rap attack, man, not heart attack

Oh, you mean she's alright then?

Of course!
by Jon December 04, 2004
anything that is a piece of shit, somthing that crappy,old or broken..
Dude your car is a pile. (meaning your car is a piece of shit)Can even mean a person who is lazy or just a waste of life)
by jon February 20, 2005

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