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402 definitions by jon

The term that states that some people DON’T like California, and California is NOT what many people think it is.
Fuck California and all of its lies.
by Jon March 14, 2005
362 222
The emotional barrier a chick puts up when you hit on her. Like when she is by herslelf at the club.
Persistance breaks the bitch shield.
by Jon March 26, 2005
193 55
Another name for an ATM. Used by people from Wisconsin.
Before I go out I need to stop by the tyme machine. I'm broke as a joke.
by Jon May 16, 2004
176 38
NOS is the acronym for New Old Stock. It's an item that is old, but ios not used. Since it never sold, it's technically "new" even though it may be several years old.
1967 Plymouth Barracuda Antenna. Chrysler made them and distributed them to Retailers. Stock was left over after they stopped making the cars.
by Jon September 23, 2003
334 196
Going somewhere with a large amount of people.
we rollin 20 deep in da club.
by jon October 09, 2003
204 68
the greatest fighter ever,even better then rocky
goku is not fat he is buff and is muscular and is pretty dumb but when it comes to fighting he is the smartest person in the universe
by jon June 30, 2004
310 180
canadian death metal band. has quite possibly the fastest drummer in the world.
the band, cryptopsy, kicks your ass.
by jon October 23, 2003
161 31