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the greatest fighter ever,even better then rocky
goku is not fat he is buff and is muscular and is pretty dumb but when it comes to fighting he is the smartest person in the universe
by jon June 30, 2004
Stian is the fines Norwegian name, only given to extraordinary people. Those who have the name have a tedency to be very good in all they do.
Stian is the best.
by Jon May 15, 2004
best fuc*ing 80's band ever, i swaer to god the BEST!
kicksart my heart cuz i never stop
by jon April 30, 2004
The correct arrangement of letters, to form words.
Sister: hey hey hey, wots dat?
Me: Type properly.
Sister: yer, w/e
by Jon June 12, 2004
A rock opera by The Who. It tells the story of a Mod named Jimmy and all of his misadventures. Like other Mods, Jimmy kept his hair short, wore nice clothes, rode a motor scooter, and took uppers.

Jimmy struggles with his job and homelife. He sees The Who in concert, later takes a train back to the site of a Mod vs. Rocker brawl, and discovers a shocking secret about one of his Mod idols.

Jimmy has four different personalities, hence Quadrophenia. Each is based on a member of The Who. He is a tough guy and a helpless dancer (singer Roger Daltrey), a romantic (bassist John Entwistle), a bloody lunatic (drummer Keith Moon), and a beggar and a hypocrit (guitarist Pete Townshend).

The Punk and the Godfather is an interesting track. At the beginning, Townshend can be described as the edgy Punk. However at the end, he seems to assume the role of the Godfather.
Can you see the real me?

I'm the guy in the sky, flying high, flashing eyes, no surprise I tell lies...

You stop dancing.

Nothing is better by the sea and the sand.

When I'm pilled you don't notice him. He only comes out when I drink my gin.

Love, reign o'er me!
by Jon March 17, 2005
A pirate saying used in ancient times that could interpret to almost anything today.
I'm going to kill you and rape your wenches. This is some good grog. My parrot just died. The last time we tried that the ship caught on fire. etc.
by Jon February 07, 2004
Something that the media and the general public goes crazy over for no good reason. One of the many reasons why I weep for this nation.
Can Paris Hilton just go away?
by Jon April 14, 2005
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