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2 definitions by jollyjames2

1. n. A garment of rare, high quality covering the whole body which is the pinnacle of fashion and sex-appeal.

2. n. A body suit of extraordinarily high power which upon wearing, instantly converts any ordinary mortal into a MORPH!!!

3. n. When you see it, you'll shit brix.
Craig: Dude, this party sucks.
Jenny: yeah too bad there's no morph's here...
Craig: What's a morph??!!!
Jenny: It's someone who wears a morphsuit, a body suit of extraordinary powers! Hey look!! There's one!!
Craig: OMG THAT'S SO FUCKING COOL!! I think i need to change my pants....
by jollyjames2 January 27, 2010
adj. careful, in a sexual way.
jenny: i mean i really like him, but i need to be carefuk.

jane: yeah, like, he doesnt act very carefukky around girls.

jenny: i know, he's such a man whore.
by jollyjames2 December 30, 2009