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1 definition by johnny_dust

1. Getting the raw end of the deal. Usually short changed by some cheap barmaid. The word is an utterance of injustice, like some kind of 1980's victim shit.

2. Convincing a girl that anal sex is a pretty good idea. Usually with the aid of some sort of drug/alchol. These slick bastards tell the girl 'its going to be alright' and 'i'll be gentle' and 'it's just another expierence, you like expierences right?'

3. Pimp talk for making your woman work all day and night and giving her nothing in return, except maybe a spanked ass and a cheese burger.
Missy: He's such a cheap bastard, i work 9-to-5 and come home to shit... i'm so getting bumped.'

Dave: 'Sheila is drunk as hell... she's gonna get bumped tonight.'
by johnny_dust September 24, 2005