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geeters, or geetiz, is monies, like cash monies, benjaminz, grease, juice, juicage, gravey, jelly, geetiz-burghers, com biz
Lay some geetizs on me money gripper! I need some biskits to soak up some a dem geeters.
by Johnny Rotten February 06, 2004
A hamburger.
I'll have a Big N Tasty.
by Johnny Rotten February 06, 2004
Dude who jus won't let go of da geetiz, benjamin's, dinero, see mha sanng?
Say money gripper! Was happenin? When yo gwine le go someah dem geeters?
by Johnny rotten February 17, 2004
a half moon is a type of bunker for paintball, most of the times is the biggest bunker on the field and its half of a circle.
Paintballer 1- "i'll take half moon and you take the snake"
Paintballer 2- "Alright good luck"
by Johnny rotten February 16, 2005
probably just one of the hottets women on the planet
i masturbate to br1tney spears videos
by johnny rotten April 19, 2005
just another really hott women in this grat world of ours
i masturbate to christina aguilera videos
by johnny rotten April 19, 2005
Meeting Muthah Fucka
Person always in meetings.
by Johnny Rotten February 17, 2004

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